International high-value private transactions

When purchasing real estate, art masterpieces, rare cars, collectibles, or when investing abroad, ensure that your funds arrive in time, and avoid the hassle and complexity imposed by traditional banks.


Timely payments

to the seller, broker, lawyer, notary, or auction house


Hassle-free process

with premium service and a dedicated foreign payments expert


Any country or currency

in major and emerging markets

Send reliable payments in any currency

Rigid processes at traditional banks are ill-suited for one-off international private transactions. And payments often get delayed.

With iBanFirst, you can send and receive payments in over 30 currencies to and from 150+ countries and access the best currency trading desks. All transactions are executed securely and reliably through global payment networks and tier-one banking partners.

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Get support throughout the transaction

Foreign payments are complex if you are not used to these. And getting the documentation in order can be a daunting task. iBanFirst's foreign payment experts support you through all stages of the deal, simplifying the process and greasing the wheels at every stage: accounts opening, compliance checks and the payment itself. No unnecessary hassle or formalities are added.

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Access competitive and transparent rates

Many international transactions generate high fees and unfair foreign exchange commissions. Some of the costs are unpredictable, hidden in the small print of bank brochures and fee schedules and sometimes charged after the fact. All these direct and indirect costs significantly impact your purchase price.

With iBanFirst, you regain control of foreign exchange terms. A direct connection to FX markets enables real-time, instant transactions at competitive and transparent rates, with a firm pricing.

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Trusting iBanFirst, your partner for international finance


Funds segregation

In compliance with EU regulations, client funds are held in separate accounts, at leading European banks. Only clients can access their funds.


Account security

iBanFirst implements state-of-the-art encryption and security. Accounts are protected with single-use (TOTP) passwords and dual-factor authentication.



Fully licensed and regulated as a payment Institution under EU PSD2, iBanFirst holds AISP and PISP accreditations, is a member of SWIFT and is SEPA homologated.

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