Specialised online platform powered by unique technology

Praised by its users, the iBanFirst web platform combines a full range of financial products and services with a robust core banking infrastructure to deliver unrivalled quality of service.


360-degree view of your currency accounts and payments

Balance and latest transactions for all your currency accounts, including external bank accounts


Overview of your forward contracts


Currency transactions execution directly from the dashboard


Fast and transparent cross-border payments

Choose your payment speed and its associated fees

Access live foreign exchange rate at the time of the transaction

Use a flexible forward to lock in an exchange rate for future payments

Benefit from end-to-end payment tracking with status notification to you as well as your beneficiaries


Currency accounts in 30+ currencies

Open nominative accounts in 30+ currencies with their dedicated IBAN

Make and receive payments in the currency of your choice

Leverage advanced accounting features including unlimited transaction history and categorisation

A secure and powerful solution


Add unlimited users and set up multiple-level payment approval rules


Connect iBanFirst to your existing accounting and treasury software with EBICS or SWIFTNet


Leverage our API and integrate iBanFirst into your existing applications and processes

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